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01 Oct 15


AAP - Annual Action Plan (The equivalent of this for Non-AAP states in Year Programme)

APL  - Above Poverty Line

BPL - BelowPovertyLine

CBOs - Community Based Organizations 

COO - Chief Operating Officer

CPSMS - Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System

CRP - Community Resource Person

CSOs - Community Social Organizations 

DONER - Development of North Eastern Region

DRDA - District Rural Development Authority 

DSS - Decision Support System

EC - Empowered Committee

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

FMS - Financial Management System

GOI - Government of India

GP - Gram Panchayat

IAY - Indira Awas Yojana

ICT - Information Communication Technology

IEC - Information Education Communication

IFD - Integrated Finance Division

IRDP  - Integrated Rural Development Programme

IT - Information Technology

ITI- Industrial Training Institute 

LWE - Left Wing Extremist

LQAS - Lot Quality Assurance Sampling 

MES - Modular Employable Skills

MGNREGA - Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 

MIS - Management Information Systems

MoRD - Ministry of Rural Development

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding 

MSP - Multi State Project

NABARD - National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development 

NABCONS - NABARD Consultancy Services

NAG - National Advisory Group

NCVT - National Council for Vocational Training


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